Top 5 dragons in movies

Dragons what else is there to say about dragons. We love em’. Seeing giant scaly creatures that breathe fire or ice sometimes ar just plain awesome. Especially when movies use them being able to visualize these giant beasts whether they’re good or evil. It makes me think about what my favorite dragons are in cinema. I’m really just going off my opinion of how cool they are or something like that.

5. Maleficent

I know what your thinking “Hey maleficent isn’t a dragon she’s the evil fairy” You probably. Well your wrong , well actually yes technically maleficent is the evil fairy but she does turn into a dragon at the end and she looks pretty freakin’ sweet especially in maleficent ya’ know the movie this one


4. Toothless

Hey remember when you first saw the first how to train your dragon and this random guy finds a dragon and becomes friends with it in a society where everyone thinks that dragons are basically satan. Did anyone else think that the dragon was just awesome. Ya everyone did he was cool and cute and it was an awesome buddy story. And the second one is still pretty good. so toothless gets the number four spot because he’s just cool It makes you want to hang out with him.

3. Mushu

I’m going to start with something Mulan is one of my favorite disney movies so I might be a little bias but, Mushu is great. His character is funny from the moment we meet him. He’s great the whole part where he uses his shadow and the deep voice is awesome. Eddie murphy did a great job. Through out the entire movie Mushu is hilarious and one of the best comic reliefs in cinema to me.

2. Saphira

What is the chance that anyone didn’t see this coming. I am going to say a zero percent chance. It’s Saphira the dragon from this small movie I don’t know if you’ve heard of it it’s called Eragon yeah. Now it has been a long time since I’ve seen this movie. and I haven’t read the book, But one thing I remember is that saphira is a cool dragon and the bond that Eragon and her is awesome.

1. Smaug

Come on how could you think Smaug wouldn’t be on here. The whole character is awesome charming but can’t control his unstable mind. He’s huge the part where bilbo realizes just how big Smaug is awesome. One of the main inspirations for this list was Skyrim and specifically the dragon Alduin an evil dragon trying to kill everyone. Does that reming of someone ya. Smaug is great he’s huge evil and he is “..Fire I am death” Ya that is one of my favorite movie lines. Benedict Cumberbatch  did a really great job with Smaug. Also I generally prefer it when dragons are evil with reason which sadly doesn’t happen too much sadly. Usually they’re just mindless beasts that want to kill I like it when they’re evil and insane with motive.