Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every new year find you a better man.”

– Benjamin Franklin

 Did you know, not that there is any reason you would know, that I only published five posts in 2014.



That’s not very many. In fact, to say “that’s not very many” may be a wee bit of an understatement. Now, I could give reasons, excuses, justifications, apologies and the like, but why? What would be the point? I figure, instead of that I’ll just start writing more and we can just go from there.

In that vein, and in keeping with my pathetic production last year, here are the five most satisfying moments in entertainment (TV and movies) for me last year. By the way, they all involve villains dying.

5. Miss Rosa Runs Over Vee – Orange Is The New Black

I liked Season 2 of Orange is the New Black even more than I liked Season 1 (which was a lot) and the reason I liked it more was Lorraine Toussaint’s Vee. She’s been acting constantly in TV and movies for over 20 years and she had always been one of those actresses you remembered but you couldn’t remember what from. Not anymore. Vee was a shark thrown into a pond full of guppies. She manipulated, bullied and forced her way into near complete control. She was so good and so evil that you knew she couldn’t stay on the show too long and the set-up of her downfall was handled deftly and believably, until she escaped. That seemed a bit much, but then Miss Rosa stole a van and you could see the most gratifying hit and run in TV history coming a mile away.

4. Joffrey’s Wedding – Game of Thrones

Did I know what was coming at “The Purple Wedding”? Yup. Did it make it any less gratifying to watch Joffrey die. Nope. I was going to attach a video that The Wrap did of Joffrey’s worst moments, but re-watching them they are almost too bad and disturbing to be watched out of context. He was, without any question, the most vile character I have ever seen in a show, and I will miss him. What was better than watching people not know what to do when the pooled, evil boy king let loose? His mother, his grandfather, they may be a scarier form of evil, smarter and more manipulative, but Joffrey could illicit the kind of hate that is truly unique.

3. Gareth “You Don’t Have To Do This” – Walking Dead

The Walking Dead has been trying to show how people become the true villains of the zombie apocalypse since the first season. It makes sense, the zombies are a mindless horde after all. In that time we’ve seen the crazy, the mustachioed twirling (the Governor), the “greater good” justifiers (the cops in Atlanta), but only one Gareth … the manager (he is certainly more that than leader) of the cannibals of Terminus. Here he is begging for is life (after he tried to break into a church and kill the weak members of Ricks team when he thought Rick had left).

Is it wrong that all of these have been TV so far? Maybe I need to change my monicker

2. The 21 Foot Rule – Justified

Justified is not the best show on TV (although Season 2 is pretty close to as good as TV gets), it may be the most fun, but its not the best. However, every year Justified will have an episode or scene that is pretty unbeatable. This year our erstwhile hero, Raylan Givens, found himself toe to toe with Danny Crowe, the “crazy” Crowe brother, who fancies himself as something of an expert with a knife. Here’s what happens:

1. “It’s A Dance-Off.” – Guardians of the Galaxy

The surprise of the year. The funnest movie of the year. The most re-watchable movie of the year (with The Raid 2 coming in second). The official “Holy S**t, Marvel Really Can Do No Wrong” film of the year. Guardians of the Galaxy lives up to all the hype, frankly and then some. However, the one thing Marvel has only truly nailed once (thrice if you consider how many times they’ve used him) are villains, and Guardians was no exception. Ronan the Accuser was almost an after thought, a set piece, a dramatic tool used to bring our heroes together and nothing more. That’s fine, he didn’t need to be anything more, but if that was all he was they need to find a way to end him that was great and man, did they ever nail that.