38 Predictions For 38 Comic Book Movies

38 Comic Book Movies Are Set To Be Released Between Now And 2020

The First Of MANY

ComicsAlliance.com did the work. They looked through all the announcements that Marvel and
Warner Brothers and Fox and Sony have made over the last few months and found the answer…38. That is how many superhero movies have been announced to debut by 2020. That is just six years to fit in THIRTY-EIGHT comic book movies.



That’s a lot.

It seems fitting given the absurdity of that number that I do my best to match it. To give 38 predictions about the coming onslaught. I’m not going to lie, I maybe have four or five ready to go, this won’t be easy. Also, these are complete guesses, I have absolutely no inside info, even third hand inside rumors. These are guesses, nothing more.

Anyway, here we go…

1.  Marvel will release a movie that doesn’t do well

2.  Marvel will quickly recover

3.  Marvel will make us forget about their stumble by acting like it never happened (see The Incredible Hulk)

4.  Warner Brothers will make a lot of money

5.  All anyone will ever talk about is how Warner Brothers is screwing up DC and how they suck compared to Marvel

6. Warner Brothers will still make a lot of money because they have Batman and Batman makes money

7. Fox will kill off Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine

8. Fox will immediately regret killing off Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine

9. Jennifer Lawrence will NOT be part of the X-Men universe when she turns 30

10. Andrew Garfield will never play Spider-Man again

11. The rumors about Spider-Man appearing in Captain America: Civil War will persist until the day the film is released

12. Spider-Man will not be in Captain America: Civil War

13. Fox will screw up Deadpool (to be fair, a great Deadpool movie probably doesn’t make its money back as R-rated comic book movies aren’t big financial successes)

14. Warner Brothers will regret not connecting their movie universe to their successful TV universe

15. Marvel will wish it kept the TV stuff separate from the MCU

16. Marvel will offer Robert Downey Jr. a truly obscene amount of money to do Iron Man 4…I mean really offensive

17. RDJ’s Iron Man will be killed during the Infinity Wars

18. At least one original Avenger won’t make it to The Avengers: Infinity Wars Part 1 (my bet? Thor)

19. All of the villain based movies will disappoint (Suicide Squad, Sinister Six, Carnage-Venom)

20. Comic book fans will not be happy when the casting of Captain Marvel is announced

21. My son’s head will explode when the first trailers for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 come online

22. Fox will mess up their continuity to get the X-Men back into the present

23. Fantastic Four will never really take off, because…

24. Stretchy isn’t a cool power and Reed Richards is not a cool character

25. Sony’s “plans” will change dramatically, because…

26. Sinister Six will be an absolute failure (yup, I doubled up because I am that sure of it)

27. There will be roughly 1,000,000,000 articles written about market over-saturation

28. There will definitely be market over-saturation

29. Sony will be hit hardest by the market over-saturation

30. Warner Brothers won’t start production on any additional movies until it sees how Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice does

31. Dawn of Justice will make over $800 million world-wide and people will say it was a disappointment because it didn’t do Avengers numbers (which is stupid, by the way)

32. Avengers: Age of Ultron won’t do as much business as the first Avengers movie did

33. Warner Brothers will screw up the Sandman movie

34. Star Wars: The Force Awakens will have a bigger opening weekend than Avengers: Age of Ultron

35. One of the female led movies will bomb at the box office

36. Captain Marvel will NOT be the female led movie that bombs

37. At least one cinematic comic book universe will need a re-boot by 2020 (see all my previous points about Sony to guess which one)

38. There is a 0% chance that 38 superhero comic book movies will be released over the next 6 years