November 16th: Don’t You Just Hate It When That Happens

This is just a tribute! 
You gotta believe it! 
And I wish you were there! 
Just a matter of opinion.

– Tenacious D
Just Like Tim Tebow
It is such a 1980’s problem, back before automatic saving and backing everything up. It is almost hard to loose everything today, and yet that is what I just did. I really can’t believe it. It has been over 20 years since I have had this sick feeling. It was a shame too. I had written a decent intro for the week about where Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) go in the wake of their franchise success and how they could look to Elizabeth Swan (Keira Knightly) for guidance. I had written a great thing about how Twilight is like Tim Tebow, how Joe Wright and Keira Knightly are moving up the best star/director combos and how Mark Wahlberg and David O. Russell have removed themselves from that list. I had written about all the movies opening this week (there aren’t that many) and was moving onto the last movie, a movie no one will see called Citadel about an agoraphobic who teams up with renegade priest to save his daughter from a gang. All I had left to do was write that sentence and a “conclusion” paragraph and I was done. Now it is all gone. A more serious blogger would buck up, start from scratch and recreate the magic. I am not that blogger. So this is regrettably all you will get:

Note: what happened was that while I was updating my Opening This Weekend page on my blog (I update it here than cut and paste it into its own weekly post) and bouncing between other sites to get relative data my Safari browser crashed. The flaw in updating the page and then creating a post is that blogger can’t save the edits on the page as you go, the moment an edit is updated it goes up on the website, so you can’t save until you are done. I wasn’t done. I am not saying that this means I wasn’t an idiot, I was. Hopefully this simply shows I was an understandable idiot.
The New Twilight Movie (does anyone care what it’s actual title is?)
Interest Level: 2
You Are A Twilight Hater: Yes, and Proud Of It
Anna Kerenina
Interest Level: 8
Which Was Better Pride & Prejudice or Atonement: Pride & Prejudice Because I Didn’t Think There Was A Reason To Do It Again Until I Saw Joe Wright’s Version
Silver Linings Playbook
Interest Level: 9
Can It Live Up To The Hype: Absolutely
Price Check
Interest Level: 4
Don’t You Love Parker Posey: I Do, But This Film Looks Like It Could Be A Hot Mess
Interest Level: 4
Is That Because It Reminds You Of Losing Everything You Had Written: Yes, Probably
My favorite “lost everything” story happened about 20 years ago. My mom was a novelist. One day I got a call from her when I was out of town on business. She was panicked, babbling about how she had lost everything, her entire novel had just disappeared from her computer screen. I calmly asked her to explain what had happened. She said she didn’t do anything, she just moved the mouse and suddenly the entire novel was gone. I asked her is any prompts or warnings had popped up, she said no. I assured her that the novel wasn’t lost and that I would show her the next day when I got home. When my flight landed the next day I stopped by her house on the way home, went to her office, woke up her computer and noticed that my mother had accidentally minimized her novel. With one click it was back and I seemed to her like the wizard of Oz. Sadly, I was not that lucky today.
But hey, what do I know (apparently not enough about data recovery on Safari)? I’m fat.