Opening October 12th: Apparently This Is THE Weekend To Release A Movie

Fourteen Movies Are Being Released This Weekend … FOURTEEN … 14!

Look, obviously I love movies. Frankly, I love movies too much. I waste massive amounts of time watching movies, writing about movies, discussing movies, even remaking movies in my head because I think the filmmakers should have done it differently. Movies are without question one of my great passions. But come on, fourteen movies in one weekend?! That’s just ridiculous. And it isn’t fair to some of these movies who are lost in this tidal wave of releases. In fact, here are six movies coming out this weekend that I have total apathy for, or perhaps better stated I have no time to give consideration to given their subject matter and the fact that none will come anywhere near an actual theater within 100 miles of where I live (and I live near Salt Lake City).
Who Cares?
  • Smashed – Drunk couple has relationship tested when wife gets sober.
  • Atlas Shrugged: Part II –  No one cared about the first installment and fewer will care about the second
  • Grave Encounters 2 – It is what you think it is.
  • 3,2,1 … Frankie Go Boom – Normally a comedy with Lizzy Caplan and Chris O’Dowd would have me mildly excited, not this week, too much other stuff.
  • Smiley – Yeah! More horror movies!
  • Special Forces – A direct to video action movie with Diane Kruger and Djimon Hounsou
Even knocking those six movies out, there are still eight more movies to talk about. And a number of them look really good (including the first “Oscar Favorite” of the year). Speaking of which …
Interest Level: 9
Are You Worried You Are Too Excited: Maybe, a little
If you had told me five years ago that Ben Affleck would become one of the most consistently good directors in Hollywood I have thought that statement was as crazy as saying Alex Smith could be a championship QB (49er fans get that). In other words it would have seemed an absurd prediction. But here we are with Gone Baby Gone (amazing movie) and The Town (solid movie) are already having established his talent and now the film that has real Oscar buzz all over it. To say the early reviews were glowing, well I have already made enough overstated references, let’s just say people were going nuts for this movie at the festivals it premiered in. Now, as is too often the case when universal praise has been going on for a little too long (part of the problem with releasing it at Telluride a month ago), there is a little backlash, but don’t listen to it. This is the rare Oscar movie that is fun to watch.
Interest Level: 5
Are You Getting A Little Burned Out On Horror: Oh yeah.
Fall is the time for horror movies. I already dismissed two of this weeks three horror flicks so I suppose I should at least reference this Ethan Hawk vehicle quickly. A writer movies his family into a house, finds some old home movies, apparently a demon lives in these movies and once you see him you get abducted or something like that. Think The Shining meets Paranormal Activity.
Here Comes The Boom
Interest Level: 7
Are You Made Your Son Wants To See It: No, not at all
Kevin James, much like his movie mentor Adam Sandler, has found a niche. It is not a niche that will receive strong reviews, but it is a niche that will develop loyal fans. Paul Blart: Mall Cop was a perfect if forgettable “popcorn” movie and Here Comes The Boom will be the same thing. It wont win aware or be on anyone’s top 10 list at years end, but if you have a family you know you can bring them to this and they will all laugh and have a good time.
Seven Psychopaths
Interest Level: 9
Gun To Your Head, This or Argo: For most people Argo, for me Seven Psychopaths
In Burges was one of my favorite movies a couple of years ago when it came out. Now Collin Ferrel and Martin McDonagh have teamed up agin and this time brought Christopher Walken, Sam Rockwell and Woody Harrelson along for the ride in this off beat action comedy that I for one cannot wait for. The plot? Well a screenwriter gets caught up in the criminal underworld of LA after his friend kidnaps a gangsters dog. If that doesn’t make you want to go see it I don’t know what will.
War of the Buttons
Interest Level: 8
Any Real Chance At Oscar Glory: Probably not, but maybe it should
In occupied France Lebrac leads a play war between two rival kid gangs when he falls for Violette, a Jewish girl who is in danger of being captured by the Nazis, and Lebrac is forced to face the grim realities of the world around him. This is getting a lot of comparisons to Life Is Beautiful as a potential foreign hit that may have oscar legs here. In a weekend with Argo and Seven Psychopaths this may actually be the best film of the weekend.
Nobody Walks In
Interest Level: 6
If Lena Dunham Hadn’t Co-Written It How Would You Feel: It would have been in the no interest dumping ground with the six films at the top of the post
A laid back family has their bonds tested when they allow an artist to live with them while she finishes her art film. Lena Dunham of Girls fame co-wrote the screenplay, which gives hope to a movie that feels trite.
Middle of Nowhere
Interest Level: 6
Shouldn’t It Be Higher: Probably, but there are just too many movies this week
The crowd pleasing festival hit finally gets released to the general public but sadly will likely be lost in the volume of films coming out. This is the story of a woman whose husband gets locked up for 8 years so she quits Med school to help him. Sounds sad, but it ends up being surprisingly uplifting and empowering.
Middle of Nowhere is really quite good, I think I sounded a little apathetic about it above. Anyway, a lot of movies, and frankly a lot of good movies. ‘Tis the season as we keep rolling toward the holidays, each week will be filled with Oscar hopefuls and horror movies until November when we start getting would be blockbusters in the mix too. That isn’t a bad thing, as long as they keep the number of releases a little closer to single digits.
But hey, what do I know? I’m fat.