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The Most Important
Show Of The Fall
Just as spring is the time for everybody, and I mean everybody, to do a summer movie preview write-up, even if that is the only movie write-up they do all year, so is September the time for anyone that has ever written anything about TV to do a fall preview piece. They come in all different shapes an sizes, most focussing on the new shows more than the old, and are designed to assist in building your viewing schedule. I am not going to try to help with your viewing schedule. All I’m going to do is show you mine.
Monday 8pm
The nice thing about The Voice premiering earlier than most of the fall shows is that I can get my audition fix out of the way before the scripted shows nudge The Voice out of my rotation. The audition/spinning chair phase of The Voice is the only watchable part of that show anyway.

The Reviews Have
Not Been Kind
I will DVR Bones and How I Met Your Mother to watch later on that night when I can skip commercials and bail out on any given episode if it just isn’t doing it for me. The bailing out admittedly happens more with HIMYM than with Bones, a show that at this point simply is what it is (you either enjoy Booth, Brennan and the gang or you don’t). I am not one who feels HIMYIM has gone entirely off the rails the way some do, but there is no debating it is not as consistently funny as it was in its first couple of seasons. I watch it now not because I care who the mother actually is, I watch it on the off chance Robin Sparkles or The Slap Bet will come back into play.
I’ll give Partners a watch or two because I like David Krumholtz and when I am tired I’ll watch even the most dreadful sitcoms. The reviews have made it sound unwatchable, so maybe I’ll only watch one episode.
Dancing With The Stars, like Survivor, has just felt too repetitive to me so I just don’t bother any more. And I didn’t watch the original 90210 so I am certainly not going to watch The CW’s incarnation.
Monday 9pm
Frankly there is nothing airing here that I will watch regularly. This hour will be spent catching up on BonesHIMYM and whatever else is on my DVR or putting my so to bed (or during the fall Monday Night Football). Sorry Gossip Girl, Dancing With The Stars, The Voice, The Mob Doctor, Mike & Molly and 2 Broke Girls.
Monday 10pm
This is an hour where my wife and I have to do a little coordinated watching. My wife like Grimm, I can watch it but I don’t feel like I’ve missed something when I miss it. We both like Castle (see blooper below) and we are both curious about Revolution (Hawaii 5-0 is fine but gets nudged aside by the three shows that are, to us, a little more fine). My wife will likely go upstairs to watch Grimm in our bedroom while I DVR Revolution and Castle (we can’t DVR two shows and watch a third at the same time on our system). I will say that, like Terra Nova last year, Revolution has a real chance of flaming out quickly. If it does than our viewing is radically simplified.
Tuesday 8pm
Like Monday’s at 9pm there is nothing here that I will watch regularly. Fox’s sitcoms, the new Ben & Kate and the sometimes funny Raising Hope, will suck me in on occasion. The Voice when they are still auditioning will get my wife and I to watch in the background as we clean up after dinner (she likes Adam Levine). I’ve never watched a second of Heart of Dixie and I doubt I will start now and I watch NCIS on USA Network when there is nothing else on, not when it actually airs. Oh, and the there is more Dancing (see my remarks above). All extremely missable stuff.
Unnecessary Rant: In fact, hours like this are the hours that make me realize I watch too much TV. They are the hours that make me realize I am addicted to TV. That is the only possible explanation for ever seeing any of these shows. I see them only because I can’t turn off the TV. I need to turn off the TV. I’m not going to turn it off, but I really should.
Tuesday 9pm
Pick your quirky/sassy sitcom pairings. Do you like ditzy/sassy? Then check out The New Girl and The Mindy Project on Fox. Do you like a little more mean spirited sassy, then check out Happy Endings and The B in Apartment 23 on ABS. I like the mean spirited more, so I’ll be watching on ABC (Happy Endings may have been my favorite network sitcom last season, check out the clip below). Maybe I will DVR the occasional The New Girl episode if my wife wants to watch it, but I think she kind of checked out somewhere in the middle of last season so I doubt she will feel the need to watch it later. More likely, just because of our love of Matthew Perry, we will DVR Go On, the former Friends star grief sitcom. The pilot had a moment here and there, but not sure if it is good enough to ever get me excited to watch.
I live in Utah so I’ll never have a chance to watch The New Normal, which is fine because it is getting terrible reviews anyway and I feel the exact same way about NCIS: LA as I do about NCIS.
Tuesday 10pm
I’ll be watching Vegas, the new Denis Quaid TV show about 1960’s sin city, while my wife is upstairs watching Private Practice (way too soap opera for me). Sons of Anarchy also comes on Tuesday’s but usually later on my cable system so I will watch it after Vegas when I feel the need to get my biker gang fix. I don’t even know or care what else comes on here.
Wednesday 8pm
I Know It Is Going To Be Bad
But I Can’t Look Away
I’ve already shared my feeling about SurvivorX-Factor may get me to watch and episode (or part of one) just to see crazy Brit (does anyone call her that?). The Middle is one of those sitcoms that seems to be hanging on just because there has never been anything else on and The Neighbors looks painful. Not as painful as the pilot of Animal Practice mind you and Guys With Kids must have been green-lit before the unmitigated failure of What To Expect When You’re Expecting proved no one wants to watch guys complain about being parents. The only thing that comes on that I am genuinely interested in is CW’s Arrow, the Green Arrow TV show that is sure to be dreadful but that I have to watch at least an episode or two before I can dismiss it entirely.
Wednesday 9pm
My wife LOVES Supernatural, so it will be on the DVR. We also like Modern Family and Suburgatory (maybe even Suburgatory more than Modern Family) so we’ll DVR those as well. Here is our problem, we also like Criminal Minds (I am a sucker for a serial killer story). Maybe my wife will just watch Supernatural upstairs while I DVR Criminal Minds and the ABC sitcoms. As for L&O: SVU, it used to be better and the reruns are always available, so why bother with the new episodes.
Wednesday 10pm
Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s are just not filled with great TV. Wednesday at 10pm is a prime example of that. Old and tired CSINashville (isn’t this the exact same plot as Country Strong except I doubt Connie Britton is going to die at the end of the pilot like Gwyneth did) and Chicago Fire, a TV show overtly made for gay men and house wives so they can stare at really good looking, sweaty fireman run in and out of burning buildings. I’ll be watching movies (after all, I am The Fat Film Guy not The Fat TV Guy).
Thursday 8pm
The Big Bang Theory is always worth recording, even if you don’t watch it that night. What may be worth watching is Last Resort, the new submarine drama. People who have seen the pilot have been raving, although many have been curious how they might be able to sustain the drama week after week.
The rest of the hour is filled with stuff other people like. Vampire Diaries, Two and a Half Men, X-Factor, 30 Rock and Up All Night all have fan bases, I just don’t happen to be a part of them.
Thursday 9pm
Look How Happy We All Were
Way Back When
All I ever hear his how terrific Parks & Recreation is but I have never invested in it. For me this hour is about two drams, one that has grown on me and one that I am stuck with. The drama that has been growing on me is Person of Interest — it can take itself too seriously at times but it does a nice job of mixing mythology with weekly mysteries and I kind of have a thing for Taraji P. Henson. Grey’s Anatomy I am just stuck with at this point. I don’t hate it, but I can’t say that I love it anymore either (and Lexi was my favorite character so it hurt when they killed her off) and the dumb things the characters seem to do in order to insight drama make me wonder how I am supposed to think of any of them as smart or talented people. But I’ll still watch it every week.
I haven’t watched The Office since season 2 or 3, Glee was always a “well, there’s nothing else on” kind of a show and the CW is making a Beauty and the Beast where the beast isn’t ugly, I think I can skip that.
Thursday 10pm
Scandal had moments last season so I’ll probably check it out again this year. Having said that I am really scared it is going to move much more toward the soap opera nonsense that is Private Practice and I don’t know if I can take that.
OK, So Elementary Wont
Be This Good
I am excited (maybe interested is a better word) about Elementary. Will it be as good as BBC’s Sherlock? Not even close (by the way, if you haven’t seen Sherlock go watch it on Netflix. The first season is only 4 episodes I think and they are all terrific). But it should be like the first season or two of The Mentalist, which isn’t an all together bad thing.
On a different note, is Rock Center the biggest white flag in the history of TV? NBC is just giving up Thursday, a night it owned forever. I don’t know if sad is the right word, but it is something.
Friday (all night)
I will be mostly skipping it all. I know Community is supposed to be great, but like Parks & Recreation I have never gotten into it. I may watch the occasional Blue Bloods and my wife will sometimes watch Nikita, but neither with any frequency. For me this is a movie night, either at the theater or on VOD.
For the sake of being comprehensive, the other shows on Friday are Fringe (you need to have been watching to really get what is happening), Whitney, Last Man Standing, CSI: NY, and news magazines (does it really matter which one’s?).
Saturday (all night)
Movies, movies, movies. If I watch any TV it will be to catch up on DVR stuff so I can keep the system from getting too full.
Sunday 8pm
Another “watch one tape the other” here in the film guy household. Whether we watch The Amazing Race and save Once Upon A Time for later or vice versa will be a factor of where we have Sunday dinner (if it is at the in-laws we’ll watch The Amazing Race with them).
The Fox comedies get left behind, which is OK since they will be on TBS 20 years from now. As for NBC, well, who am I kidding, from September through December I will only see The Amazing Race and Once Upon a Time on the DVR because Sunday is all about football.
Sunday 9pm
I’m still watching football and I think my wife will be watching The Good Wife or Revenge (she kind of enjoys both of them). On replays I may give the new season of Dexter and maybe Boardwalk Empire a chance, but not much of one (they have each lost me over the last couple of seasons). And while I know for many Sunday means The Walking Dead I have yet to get into that one and like I said, Sunday’s are for football.
Sunday 10pm
Homeland!! What a nice cap to a day of watching the gridiron, I get to watch Damian Lewis play a “maybe” terrorist and see a crazy Claire Danes chase him. Awesome.
I may DVR The Mentalist because it is still fun to watch. It is kind of like House was in the latter years, the running back stories are silly and the cases are repetitive but I still find myself laughing a few times every hour.
Treme is boring (sorry David Simon, I still love The Wire) and 666 Park Avenue (see, 666 is the sign of the devil) looks like a hate watch kind of a show.
There you have it. My week. I’ve got to say, other than Sunday Night Football and Homeland I think I can miss everything and not feel too bad. Maybe I should give up TV. I won’t, of course, but maybe I should.
But hey, what do I know? I’m fat.

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  • September 7, 2012 at 11:50 pm

    This is an awesome post. I’m looking forward to a lot of the same shows you are. Homeland is definitely the best show on TV right now, though. One of my Dish co-workers got me into it and I’m obsessed. I just got a Hopper and I’m planning to turn on the Prime Time Anytime feature for this fall season of TV. That way I’ll have everything on all four major networks during prime time recorded and I can pick and choose which shows I want to watch without having to worry about setting a ton of DVR timers. I wish September 30th wasn’t so far off; I’ve been in Homeland withdrawal pretty much since the first season ended.

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