The FFG on TV: True Blood Season 5 – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

The Post-Mortum For The Season That Was
True Blood finished off season 5 last night with what might have been their best season finale to date ***SPOILER Bill dying then rising from his own blood as Lilith’s chosen one SPOILER*** capping off a solid second half of a season that truthfully did not start well. Now seems like the perfect time to look back at all that was right, all that was wrong and all that needs to change before season 6 rolls around.

The Good

Eric finally being Eric again … Bill turning crazy/evil … Bill and Sookie NOT being together … Tara as a vampire … Sam shifting into a fly, flying into a vampire’s mouth then shifting back into a person inside the vampire … the entire finale … Pam … Russell … Steve Newlin is still alive … faeries are crazy … Lafayette is amoral again (and not perpetually sad) … Salome is dead … the Authority is no more … Andy has six faerie children … Sam Trammell playing Luna being Sam … vampire hate group (“hate groups are about more than just hate”) … Edgington/Newlin love connection … Andy and Jason trying to solve cases together (I will always contend that an Andy & Jason buddy cop spin-off would work) … Lilith …

The Bad

The slow moving Lilith story line … Scott Foley (normally he’s great, but he just did not work here) … Christopher Meloni (dido) … the smoke monster and war crimes … vampire politics … vampire religion … werewolf politics … werewolf religion … depressed Jason … Hoyt moping … Lafayette being possessed, again … Jessica (and I never thought I would say that) … Eric’s sister … too many stories no one cared about … too much Arlene … “V” addicted werewolves (we’ve seen it already) …  

The Ugly

The problem True Blood is having is that they have expanded the roles of too many characters. Andy, Arlene, Terry, Hoyt, Alcede, Sam, even Pam and Jessica and Lafayette, they all better served the show when their roles were smaller and decidedly supporting. They better served the show not because they aren’t good, but because now the show has to go in too many directions simultaneously. The season finale alone had to wrap up five major story lines, and the season had all ready told another three. Heck, not even Game of Thrones is juggling that kind story telling. Look, I hated the Sookie/Bill relationship in the end as much as anybody, but bring the focus back to the core of the story, Sookie Stackhouse and how she is dealing with all the vampire crazy that keeps happening all around her. That doesn’t mean her and Bill or even Sookie and Eric, it just means that their needs to be a central focus, a central story that we can really get invested in and that the investment will be paid back to us every week.