What To Watch At Midnight: NOT The Change-Up

Do Yourself A Favor, If You See The Change-Up Coming On HBO Change The Channel

Don’t you hate it when you see a movie full of people you like but you just don’t like the movie? That is  The Change-Up, a movie that is filled with likable actors but can never find any balance between raunch and heart and can’t find the comedy behind the overt attempts at shocking. The plot is as simple and straight forward as you can imagine. One guy is an uptight lawyer who is about to be made partner at his firm and is unsuccessfully juggling career with his wife, young daughter and twin babies at home.  The other dude is his life long friend who is a high school drop out and wannabe actor who spends his days getting high, having sex and doing not much of anything else. One night the boys go out, get drunk, pee in a fountain, lie to each other that they wished they had each other’s life and wouldn’t you know it, the next morning the arise to find that they have switched places (and bodies). In a panic they hurry back to said fountain only to find it has been removed by the city (making these the most efficient city workers on the planet since they were able to remove a fountain entirely before lunch on the day they started the project).

With the plot set the movie moves about as obviously and unrealistically as you can imagine. It seems like they knew the movie was dreadfully trite so they decided to add as much raunch as they could in an excruciatingly vain attempt to make the material seem fresh (oooh, look we got Leslie Mann to show her boobs twice, isn’t this crazy?! And look, the actor isn’t just an actor, he is a soft-core porn actor. Didn’t see that coming, did ya?). After spending way too much time dropping f-bombs around the kids and discussing how big or small each other’s penis is and focussing on the merits of trimming your pubic hair the plot begins it wrap up exactly as you know it will from the moment the movie starts. Anal lawyer learns to relax, slacker actor realizes he has to grow up, and they run to a mall (where the fountain was moved to), pee in the fountain and all is well. All is well except the awful feeling you are left with knowing you just wasted 2 hours of your life. Of course, as bad as I felt for myself I somehow felt worse for Jason Bateman, Ryan Reynolds, Leslie Mann and even Olivia Wilde who all deserve better material than this.

The Change-Up = Level II. It is just a train wreck through and though.