4 Things True Blood Needs To Do To Be Fun Again

The FFG On TV Wants True Blood Back To What It Was

What Happened To The Stupid
Show I fell In Like With?
When I wrote in June about being the last person to watch and enjoy True Blood I, like every True Blood fan (and yes, I was far from the last one), made a lot of concessions to what True Blood was and wasn’t. True Blood was silly fun, like a Roger Corman movie with a higher budget. True Blood wasn’t thought provoking or sly social commentary masked as pulp TV. My love for True Blood stemmed from embracing the silly and feeling like the writers and actors were doing the same. After watching last nights episode, and thinking back on season 5 so far, I must admit it is becoming harder and harder to find the kind of silly fun that was once the show. One almost feels like the actors, the writers, the directors and everyone else involved in True Blood collectively decided that they needed to go deeper and in different directions, they needed to stop being goofy and start to make these characters “real” and “relatable”, they needed to show the critics that this show was more than just a silly romp through the deep south with monsters. True Blood is making a huge mistake. Fortunately they haven’t gone past the point of no return yet. The seeds of what we once loved is still there, they just need to start doing a few things to get us all back to where we want to be. Here are the 4 things they need to do:
1. Bring Back Cold, Heartless, Super Cool Vampires
None of the vampires have any fun anymore
Remember how awesome Eric was in season 1 and 2 when he just didn’t give a damn about anyone or anything? Remember how fun it was to watch other vampires roll their eyes at Bill for caring about people? Now all of the vampires (with the possible exception of Russell Egington) are serious and troubled and none of them seem to be doing what was so much a part of the show at its start, none of the vampires seem to be enjoying being a vampire. Honestly, if being a vampire doesn’t play to our basest desires and we don’t see most vampires happily acting on those desires then what’s the point? Now being a vampire sucks. Even when Jessica was trying to sell Tara on it last night it didn’t ring true because we haven’t seen a vampire having fun in 2 years.

2. Stop Giving Us So Many Long-Arc Story-lines
One “big bad” is enough. Every character doesn’t
need their own.
Fine, you have to have one “big bad” story that carries through the entire season, but do you really need to have different season long stories for each character. Terry is chasing a fire monster, Bill and Eric are dealing with The Authority, Sookie is being dragged into the vampire drama, Tara is now a vampire, Jason is going to try to find out who killed his parents and so on and so on. Sorry True Blood, you are not Game of Thrones. One big story and a lot of short stories that last an episode or two (at the most) and be done. We don’t need to be worried about Terry and Scott Foley or Andy and the fairies or who’s killing shifters or whatever is happening to Lafayette all at the same time.
3. Kill Some People For Good
Would anyone miss Hoyt? Really?
I’m not saying I mind that they turned Tara into a vampire (although I want to see Tara become happy about it and embrace it, see point 1) but can’t we kill off Sam already (if you watched last night you know that might have finally happened)? Honestly, instead of adding and growing new characters they should implement a self imposed rule that anytime they add someone they need to kill someone (and someone significant). Sam, Tara, Hoyt, we could so easily loose all three and end up with a better show (Hoyt in particular, what are they doing with him? He dies and Jessica and Jason go on a killing spree to exact revenge, how is that not good TV?). Hell, couldn’t we off Sookie or Bill?
4. What Happened To All The Nudity
Remember what got you here.
It was not your winning personalities
Let’s be honest, seeing the attractive stars of True Blood naked was and is a big draw, but it seems like most of them don’t want to be naked anymore. I get that Anna Paquin has done more than her fair share of nudity on the show and may want to cut back and I am not saying that Jessica or Pam or Tara should suddenly have to get naked, but then you better find some other people to take up the slack. Game of Thrones should not have more skin than True Blood. I’m not saying you have to compete with Spartacus, but sex is a part of what made the show, and I mean HBO sex not FX sex (which is all we seem to get).
Do these four things and the show gets back to what made it so fun. The critics will still hate it, but the fans that made it popular will stick around and be re-energized.
But hey, what do I know, I’m fat and I my blog is about movies.

One thought on “4 Things True Blood Needs To Do To Be Fun Again

  • July 16, 2012 at 7:31 pm

    1.I think a vampire can enjoy being a vampire without being totally cold and heartless. Jessica did that perfectly during season 3/last half of season 2

    2.I think the problem isn't so much many characters having multi-episode arcs. Its that the plotlines feel so separated from each other. I loved episode 3 of this season because the main characters all interacted with each other rather than being on there own.I think they should have dropped terrys plotline, made Alcide packmaster in the premiere, and find a way to integrate the supernatural plotlines better
    3. Either that, or not feature every character every episode. Blackwater was a amazing episode, and it focused on only a few characters. True Blood could use a episode like that.
    4. Don't care about the nudity that much. Just give me good writing please

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