Am I The Last Person To Admit They Still Watch True Blood?

The Fat Film Guy on TV:

Should I Be Embarrassed I Still Love True Blood?

Come On, You Know You Still Watch It Too
I was listening to one of my favorite weekly podcasts yesterday, the Firewall&Iceberg Podcast, when I was shocked to find out that I was supposed to hate True Blood. Apparently it is stupid and juvenile and doesn’t offer real character development or progression and any kitsch factor that it might have had when it started has been worn out through its perpetual silliness (I am paraphrasing of course). This was particularly distressing since I just got HBO again in time for the True Blood season premiere this Sunday*. If only I had known a day or two sooner I could have saved myself a few bucks each month. It all leaves me wondering what other crappy things I enjoy do I need to give up (let’s face it, anyone who has been a fan of True Blood has always known it was crap, that was one of the reasons we loved it). WWE? The Jackass movies? The Underworld and Resident Evil franchises? Every summer cable show with the exception of Louis CK? Is my only other choice to become a closeted True Blood fan? I’ll watch it, laugh at Jason Stackhouse and Pam and Eric and Lafayette and Andy, roll my eyes at most of the rest of the cast and continue to pray that they keep Bill and Sookie apart as much as possible, and most importantly I will keep my viewing secret. I guess, since I am already paying for HBO, that is the way I will go.
*a little HBO advice, I always re-up on HBO at this time because I can catch all of Game of Thrones on On Demand and get True Blood. Then come August when shows like Hung become their Sunday night staple I just drop them, wait 9 months and do it all over again.