The End Of The Dominance Of The Avengers

Now We Can Finally Talk About Something Else — At Least Until TDKR

It Was Fun While It Lasted
There have only been two stories in movies for the better part of the last month. One was the record shattering performance of The Avengers and the other was the dismal performance of every other movie that has been released since The Avengers came out. The second storyline softened mildly last week with the solid if not spectacular performance by MIB3 and both story lines seem to have hit their inevitable end when Friday’s box office numbers were released earlier today. On Friday Snow White and the Huntsman did a far better than expected $20+ million, beating the the next six movies combined at the box office and putting itself inline for a $55 to $60 million opening weekend. That is solid “hit” territory for the second week of June. Meanwhile The Avengers dipped 42% from last Friday to $5.6 million, the first definitive sign of fading for a film that has seemed like an unstoppable force for a solid month. Avatar and Titanic numbers seem safely out of reach and the summer storyline now seems to have enough air for Prometheus, Madagascar 3, Brave and The Amazing Spider-Man to thrive until we possibly go through this all over again with The Dark Knight Rises in a little over a month. 

Not one to go out quietly The Avengers did achieve three impressive milestones yesterday as they put a bow on their run:
Are We Destined To Go Through
This All Over Again In July?
  • The Avengers officially passed The Dark Knight as the #3 highest domestic grossing movie of all time with $538 million so far.
  • The Avengers also passed Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part II to become the third highest grossing world wide hit of all time with $1.33 billion to date. It looks like The Avengers will likely finish just shy of $600 million domestically and $1.5 billion world wide when all is said and done leaving it significantly behind James Cameron’s twin towers of box office dominance but still far exceeding even the wildest dreams Disney had for their superhero movie.
  • Maybe the most impressive thing The Avengers did, and it plays into the second storyline of the summer thus far, was that The Avengers accounted for more than 50% of the total domestic box office for the month of May. Put another way, The Avengers out grossed all of the other movies combined in a month that was theoretically loaded with sure fire hits.
We salute Joss Whedon and the rest of The Avengers team. It was a thrill to watch all that you accomplished (although, I must admit, I am kind of looking forward to writing about something else).