And The Greatest Summer In Movie History Is …

Well, Let’s Count Them Down

First, there are two summers I didn’t write up that deserve honorable mention status:

  • 1984 – The summer of Ghostbusters, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, The Natural, Karate Kid, Purple Rain, Sixteen Candles and more it had everything you would want from a summer and was painfully close to making the top 8.
  • 2003 – The summer of Finding Nemo, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, X2: X-Men United, The Italian Job, 2 Fast 2 Furious (honestly, one of the greatest comedies of the last decade), 2003 maybe didn’t have quite the depth of 2004 or 2008 but it was also extremely close.
Now, the moment my wife has been waiting for (so I will stop telling her about all this summer movie stuff) the top 8 summers in movie history:
8. 1993
Awesome Up Top With Jurassic Park, The Fugitive,
The Firm, Sleepless in Seattle
and In The Line of Fire
But Not Enough Depth To Compete With The Top 7

7. 2004
It Was A Summer With Depth and With Popular
But It Doesn’t Have The Transcendent, The One Movie
That Makes The Summer Unforgettable
6. 1977
The First Real Year Of The Summer Movie Has
The Biggest Summer Movie Of All At The Top
But They Just Didn’t Make Enough Movies
In 1977 To Compete With Later Years
5. 1994
Maybe The Greatest Year In Movie History Had A
Great Summer, But A Summer Filled With Movies
Of Their Moment As Opposed To Movies That
Are Timeless
4. 2008
The Summer of DC versus Marvel
The Summer of The Geek
The Summer of TDK and of Iron Man
3. 1980
Yes, This Was The Summer Of The Empire Strikes Back
But It Is #3 Because It Is Also The Summer Of
The Blues Brothers, Airplane! and Caddyshack
2. 1982
Sorry To All Those Who Wanted This To Be #1
On Its 30th Anniversary, This Was A Vary Hard Choice. The Summer Of 1982
Produced Two Of My Twenty Favorite Movies Of All Time
Blade Runner and The Thing. It Produced Mega Hits And Quirky Classics
And I Can Fault No One For Putting It #1,
Its Just Not As Good As…
1. 1989
Why 1989? Well, It Can Go Toe To Toe With
Any Other Summer In The Hits Department,
It Has As Much Depth Of Quality As Any Summer
And It Produced Classics Of Every Kind.
What Really Puts It Over The Top Is That It
Also Produced Two All Time Classic Dramas
That Resonate Now Nearly As Much As They
Did In Their Time (Do The Right Thing and Sex, Lies and Videotape).
So, there you go. All 10 of these summers were terrific and we would be lucky if this or any summer lived up to any of the years on this list, but for me I think 1989 stands above the rest.