FFG on TV – When Did House Really Go Off The Air?

What’s Left For House To Do?
We’ve missed the real you
Anyone who watched last Monday’s penultimate episode of House could recognize the two undeniable facts about the series. First, that everyone involved can’t wait for it to be over. The actors feel like they are sleep walking through their parts and the writers are clearly like runners at the end of a marathon, they just want to raise their arms as they cross the finish line. The medical mysteries can barely hold the characters attention let alone the viewers and the “House is doing something bad” story lines have gone from funny to stupid (that was something House was never meant to be, stupid). The second problem is something that has been escalating for about 4 seasons and has now reached a nearly unwatchable level – House dealing with consequences.

The genius of the Seinfeld “show about nothing” idea was that the characters never changed and the consequences they had to deal with for poor actions were always brief and in that universe believable. I always got the feeling with House that one of the producers read an article some years ago where a critic pointed out that a drug addicted doctor might loose his job and the fact that House doesn’t makes the show feel less than authentic. So they made the writers begin to build the consequences story lines. We had the cop that was going to have him arrested for his drug use , House got out of it. We had House hallucinating so he went to rehab for a month and then immediately came back to work and was back on drugs before the end of the next season with little or no real consequence. We had him break-up with Cuddy and proceed to drive a car through her front window. He went to jail for that, briefly, but still got his job back and his team back and his drugs back and his friends back (except Cuddy, but she left the show). Now, as we near the end, House is still the same person, living roughly the same life and as viewers we are left to look back on it all and cry BULL SHIT! 
The only show that really understood
how NOT to change
It doesn’t matter how good you are, no one who has done what House has done gets the same job back for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is a Hospital could NEVER insure you. What’s worse, like a bad movie franchise that feels compelled to keep topping itself, the writers have made the actions more and more extreme (like I said, now they are often stupid which violates the core of the character). In this last episode House not only causes literally millions of dollars of damage to the hospital (tens of million really) he also chokes a patient and is only stopped when someone uses his own cane to knock him out. Really! And the comeuppance for this criminal behavior? Well, he may have to go back to jail for six months for the vandalism and apparently no one cares about the attempted murder of a patient. Ridiculous.
It is too bad we couldn’t take a time machine back and stop whoever had the idea of trying to change House. This should have been a procedural medical mystery show. Sherlock Holmes in a hospital. A functioning drug addict who is a jerk to everyone and his best friend the oncologist solving mysteries to the end. Nothing more, nothing less. So, I would bid you a fond farewell House, but the truth is you left us four years ago.