More Ridiculous Avengers Numbers

Do you doubt her?

Last week I posted the question “Does The Dark Knight Rises have any chance to beat The Avengers without the benefit of 3D?” I heard a lot of Batman fans scoff at the idea that these Marvel guys could compete with the mighty Dark Knight, and the steady in week decline of The Avengers seemed to be adding fuel to their argument … now that argument may be dead. The Avengers grossed $29 million yesterday and is on pace for between and $80 – $90 million dollar weekend. That would blow away the Avatar record $75 million for its second weekend. Through friday The Avengers has grossed an astounding $290 million and will sail well past the $300 million mark today. The question is no longer will the Avengers get to $400 million domestically it is whether they will joining the elite club of $500 million (only Avatar, Titanic and The Dark Knight have done it). Leaving aside the inflation and ticket price skewing that made this an all but impossible number for any film made before 1995, that is still a remarkable feat. And if all of that isn’t enough The Avengers is set to pass $1 billion internationally today or tomorrow.

Is Will Smith our best hope to stop
The Avengers?

The Avengers freight train is reeking havoc on the other May releases. Polling as late as last week had Dark Shadows pegged for around a $50 million opening that now looks to be as little as half that total. Studios are already adjusting their expectations for Battleship and MIB3, hoping international grosses will atone for what they anticipate to be massive underperformance domestically (Battleship was actually released internationally 2 weeks ago and has done well, they may even recoup their entire investment before it hits theaters in the US next friday).

Who knows when the Avengers will slow down? Maybe MIB3 can take its legs out on Memorial Day weekend (I kind of doubt it, but its possible). Snow White and the Huntsman has been tracking much better than I would have expected and hits theaters June 1st and if none of that works the tag team of Madagascar 3 and Prometheus on June 8th provide a wall I don’t think Joss Whedon and company can handle, but who knows. I never thought it would be this big.