New Total Recall Trailer – Can They Out Do Arnold?

Can Farrell, Biel and Beckinsale
compete with Arnold?

One of my movie related memories involves the original Total Recall. My two older brothers and I decided to go see it on opening night. When we got to the theater it was sold out, so we went to another theater. It was sold out again. Now my brothers and I inherited something odd from our father, it is what I call quest mode. When we kick into quest mode we will stop at absolutely nothing to achieve our quest (one footnote about quest mode is that it only kicks in when the pursuit is something stupid and trivial). We ended up going from theater to theater different in search of three seats and just when we were prepared to drive another 50 miles for a midnight show we got the last 3 seats in the 5th (or 6th I’m not sure which) theater we went to. We got to see Total Recall on opening night in the front row that was so close to the screen that I could literally touch the screen with my feet (I felt like I was looking up whatever Sharon Stone was wearing through half the movie). And we loved every minute of it.

Now a new Total Recall is coming out later this summer. You might think nostalgia were make me predisposed to not liking the new, decidedly non-Arnold version, but you would be wrong. I think this preview look pretty cool (and I still like Colin Farrell in an action role). I just wish my brothers, Wes and Chuck, lived near me so we could re-live our last Total Recall adventure.

And, word came out this week that they will have the three breasted prostitute in the remake because you know you were wondering.