Was Anyone Clamoring For A Knocked Up Sequel?

They weren’t the stars of Knocked Up, right?

I liked Knocked Up, not as much as The 40 Year Old Virgin or Bridesmaids, but I liked it. Still, I am pretty sure in the intervening years I have never once said to myself “man, when are they going to make a sequel to Knocked Up?” And I am entirely certain I have never thought “when they make the necessary Knocked Up sequel it had better be about Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd’s characters and not have Seth Rogen or Katherine Heigel anywhere in sight.”

I present to you the trailer for Thi Is 40, the Knocked Up sequel focussing on Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann and with no Seth Rogen or Katherine Heigel anywhere in sight (no joke, it is really coming out this Christmas).